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Food Partner -Nature's Choice


Nature's Choice Box Delivery schemes are delivered to private households and the best restaurants in London and beyond. Elainea is working with them to help change their business model, supporting them, British producers and British growers to survive and thrive in these unprecedented economic times. This shift will enable them to evolve into the new business landscape of the future.


Elainea's experience in developing and creating seasonal on-trend dishes, enables Nature's Choice to excite their customers and drive sales. Elainea is extremely adaptable in her kitchen and studio and has been able to respond quickly to the changes in the way customers eat, adapting to their new lifestyle of cooking all meals at home. She achieves this whilst staying true to the concept vision of Nature's Choice. Working as chef, recipe developer, stylist and photographer, Elainea works closely with the team to produce branded recipe cards which are easy to follow for the home cook and the adventurous enthusiast alike.

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