Using Leftovers

Its been a strange week in London due to the Coronovirus and yesterday on Friday 20th March the Government announced that all bars, restaurants should be shut with immediate effect. This is devastating for so many businesses and we believe that London will soon be in shut down. For this reason, I decided to write about how Wesley, and I cook, also documenting our food and approach to life and living.

On Thursday we had roast chicken with chips. Bought thin chips thinking about apolcopyse now and all that. On Friday as we are now spending so much time together, it was chicken leg with salad for me for lunch and halloumi with wild garlic pesto on a white bun for Wesley. After lunch the chicken carcus was shredded to take off the meat and reserre it for risotto dinner whilst the bones were used for stock.

After Friday night's risotto, I got up on Saturday morning to wash up and reflect upon the news. I scraped off the burnt bits of risotto and then stood with fish slice in hand wondering how to utilise these golden brown treasures. An idea!! The crunch of fried rice like roost would work maybe with some parmesan on top.

I went back into the kitchen only to find that Wesley had eaten the crispy burnt bits and so we had to make do with other things for lunch and burn risotto another day.


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