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Crazy Delicious

Crazy Delicious

Chosen by her food photography then auditioned in a day, Elainea's love of food was taken to a new level where she cooked her inventive recipes for Michelin Star Chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, Niklas Erdnst and Carla Hall for a cookery programme called Crazy Delicious on Channel 4 (January) & Netflix (May 2020).  

You can watch it here on      Channel 4


Under pressure as a home cook and now aspiring chef with a timed pressure test, Elainea tries to focus and remain calm whilst talking to camera and  cooking at the same time fo Michelin star judges

A tower of edible glory and croquembouche Jamaican fried dumpling with many crazy twists along the way:-

  • squid ink dumplings with smoked mackerel and bitter chocolate filling

  • salt fish dumplings with confit of cod inside

  • dumplings with filling of avocado, samphire and pan-fried scallop

  • chilli dumplings with smoked shrimp bouillabaisse with buttered poached lobster

  • dumplings with ackee smash, plantains and smoky bacon


Elainea has been obsessed about photography and food all of her life but never dreamed her food was that good to be judged and liked by Michelin Star Chefs


All pictures from the Crazy Delicious show are copyright and courtesy of Crazy Delicious and Optomen and cannot be reproduced or used without the permissions of Optomen.


Toffee Apple inspired dish described as a 'signature dish by a 3 star restaurant' on Challenge 1 by the Michelin Star Chefs.  This was a dish that nearly broke Elainea's back and resolve waking up every day vowing not to be defeated by the apple

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