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About Elainea Emmott


Elainea Emmott started out as a protest photographer for Women's March London in 2017. Self taught she became their Official Photographer and worked for grassroots organisations on Saturdays at a time when she was the only female black photographer covering stories for Million Women Rise, UKBlack Pride, Care UK, Bloody Good Period Company, WomenforRefugee Women and Sophie Hayes Foundation.  Her activism is important as she photographs people that look like her, seeking them out through the invisibility of the mainstream press.  On Sundays she shopped and cooked and photographed food then back to full time work Monday to Fridays. Her background in fashion, designing her international collections via Paris Fashion Week and textiles can be seen in her textural, clean imagery whether photographing food or people. Highly creative, her style plays off her background of appreciating beauty;


Elainea's work can be seen in editorial magazines and advertising campaigns and she writes and contributes to food and lifestyle magazines. Elainea & Wesley have written, photographed and published a food and culture magazine called Heritage  #001 together.  They both cook at theiSupper Club 'Our Seat, Our Table'

For all enquiries please contact here.



Elainea (5).jpg
Elainea and Wesley � Table � Luke Fullal
Photo by Luke Fullalove 
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