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Cooking Workshops

The Cooking Workshops are a great way to cook with friends and family or to make new friends via internet platforms where you will be guided how to cook a 2 course meal to a Chef standard whilst in your own home. You will be guided along the way and will be sent Ingredient List, Equipment List and will learn techniques and preparation of beautiful food in a fun, informal way whilst being playful and inventive  You will be taught new things about taste and flavour and learn how I approach my everyday cooking to get the most out of ingredients making amazing flavours using what you have in your pantry. I want you to explore exciting flavour combinations as well as incorporating sustainability into the everyday of how you cook to wow your taste buds and put a great plate of food on the table.  

Dates:          Saturday May Dates 


                                      Caribbean Lettuce Wraps (as seen in Vegan Living)


                                      Wine Pairing Ideas  /  Food as Healing  /  Herbs  /  Inventive  /  Sustainability  /  Growing  /  Plating

Time:  11.30am           Payment £15.00 per person in a household via Paypal - email

                                      (the session will be sent directly to you to participate, but if you have a partner, children around they can                                       watch, participate and be your sous chef. These sessions can also be bought as gifts for friends and                                               family). Timing 1hr 15mins

                                      small class size for intimate cooking and learning.

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