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Welcome to our Front Yard Kitchen Garden in Queens Park/Kilburn 

We started growing our garden in lockdown as when we saw the queues for the local farmer's market wrapping around two streets. I upcycle things from skips and reclaimed materials. Our corner is a spot where people exchange plants, gardening knowledge, donated pots, books, tools but it's mostly about support with planting. There's a plant exchange where seeds, plants and vegetables are given when there's a surplus. There'll be meetings once a month with talks by local gardens to exchange and inspire.

Join up to be part of Community 

  • Meet people who want to grow and talk about veg

  • Monthly meetings with local experts (Martin the Tomato Man on Charteris, a grower who grows amazing plants)

  • Share knowledge 

  • Share plants and seeds by swapping

  • Surplus vegetables given away 

  • Ideas of how to cook with vegetables grown

  • Gardening tools & books donated to be given a nice home by lovely neighbour

  • Soil to be given with seed trays to encourage microgreen planting on window sills

  • Community space post lockdown to meet neighbours who like to grow

  • Plant to inspire - even amongst the wheelie bins and small rented spaces

  • Heritage varieties planted and eaten

  • Newsletter


Recycled Containers and Skips - how it started in March 2020


This year I am growing these vegetables:-
Jamaican Callaloo from Heritage Seed Library (given by allotment grower)
Mrs Gupta's Mustard seeds (he
ritage seed libary)
Sweet Potato (slips & plants) Erato Orange
Okra (Super Bhindi & red French Quarter) 2 varieties seeds purchased - Marshalls)
Tomatoes -
Brandyblack, red Pear, Big rainbow, Mosschinka red
Also growing, sweet peas, runner beans, leeks, spinach,swiss chard, 


Neighbourly Pest Advice
Aphids; Neem oil diluted used as spray for aphids
Foxes: Chilli Powder - sprinkled around plants to deter foxes for the scent/also use fine netting and avoid bone/blood fertilisers. Been told about Scoot which a neighbour says works as a scent to make foxes think there is another predator about.
Slugs/Snails: Egg shells & beer have not worked for me. I've been told that sprinkling bran works!! Try it!

  • Borage

  • Nasturtuims

  • Sage

  • Watercess

  • Lovage

  • Mint

  • Rosemary

  • Lettuces

  • Chicory

  • Red Veined Sorrell

  • Sweet Peas

  • Hyssop

  • Summer Savoury

  • Thyme

  • Rocket

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