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Food & Culture Magazine

Food & Culture Magazine

Rooted in the African & Caribbean Diaspora of food and celebrating the diverse cultural mixes and influences that have shaped our heritage.  


Our heritage informs what we buy, grow, cook, eat, drink, and the work we do to put food on the table. With heritage comes responsibility to nurture and grow others, being good allies, drawing up a a spare seat so we can all sit around the table.

Recipes, places, and people bringing inspiration and creativity from our ancestors into the melting pot and the ingredients that make us think and feel of home.  Each recipe is a story to inspire you to cook and try new variations on ingredients you have loved, familiar like family with always a nod to the season.

  • The book that never was...

    This is our labour of love, it began as a book idea that was never believed in commercially, but grew into a magazine to support, nurture and share with others. 

    It is written, photographed and produced by my son and I together, with the help of friends. It can only be made possible with your help by pre-ordering. We would love to make a printed copy to sit on your table, from ours, but this is only possible if we reach a funding target enabling us to pay contributors, graphic & layout designers, printing etc.  

    We'd like to ask for your help make our magazine and book reach as many tables as possible. Here is how you can support us:

    • Digital and print colour cookbook journal  - £14.00 + shipping
    • Digital and print colour cookbook journal  with 10 printed postcard pack - £30.00 +shipping​
    • Digital and print colour cookbook journal with A4 poster - £60.00 + shipping

    Publishing is due to start mid October 2021

  • Shipping Information

    All prices exclude shipping where applicable.

    We can ship overseas please ask for the latest information and pricing.

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