Finishing Touches - a pretty plate with bags of flavour

Updated: May 20, 2020

Cooking is a creative visual process inspiring you from garden to plate. Whilst we initially eat with our eyes, taste should not disappoint along with different textures in the dish. Whether you are picking produce from your allotment, garden, Farmers' Market, Supermarket or Delivery Box, make sure you get the most of fresh seasonal vegetables and look for unusual varieties to improve your cooking.  Play around with textures and tastes using basics from your cupboards to create vinaigrettes, mayonnaises and light dressings.  This beautiful seasonal salad is very easy to create which is on my recipe page.  You could substitute chicken instead of scallops or lettuce hearts to make a vegan dish.

Finishing touches can elevate a dish. Learn how to add these touches to ordinary meals which make your food visually stunning.  Every ingredient should be respected on a plate as it is the result of a grower, a picker, a