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Goat Stew with Stout, Miso and Honey

Goats are hardy little animals with attitude. And their meat is no different. I grew up with this feisty meat for as long as I can remember but suddenly in my adulthood I could never find it, or perhaps I had moved on. Goatmeat had been running on my mind for weeks, but like a half forgotten memory, like calling a school friend I hadn't seen in ages, but never finding the time. So when I got a message from Chestnut Meats it forced me to use the meat and marvel at its versatility. I could get goat shanks, on the bone, off the bone, cutlets, goats milk, cheese - you name it. For this recipe I have used goat on and off the bone as well as the cutlets. I've added the smoky use of a Hibachi grill to serve the cutlets table side and the sauce is nicely reduced with the addition of cinnamon and ground spice. This stew is fabulous but needs a good starchy element and I have used my Yam mash with contains cheese and nutmeg. With the addition of a charred cabbage leaf, this dish is comfort at its best.

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