Updated: Apr 24, 2020

This is a perfect brunch dish with fresh tomatoes, spice and roasted peppers. Not only comforting but economical as it feeds so many using basic ingredients but wowing your friends and family with its vibrant colours and packing big flavours. I used Nature's Choice London as their box delivery service included 3 different types of vine tomatoes. Usually in my household my son has roasted tomatoes for lunch so it is the first thing that is in short supply, especially if we have pasta for dinner as well. During these lockdown times I have a 6"5 son who literally eats like crazy so I have to get my ingredients to go a long way. I also used tomato paste from a tin from Nature's Choice too, as I had it in my store cupboard, but you can omit this if you do not have it although it is a good staple to have to hand. Tinned tomatoes will also do nicely just ensure you cook them through along with the onions.  You could be fancy and also make your own sourdough to go with this but I just used what I had to hand which was bought. I could eat this for dinner as well as with or without the eggs and could substitute a baked potato for the bread.